Super Mario64

Keronpa Ball. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Stand Tall on the Four Pillars. Stomp on the Thwomp. Kōji Kondō.

Super Mario 64

Board Bowser’s Sub. Donkey Kong Mario Bros. A standard Coin found in the levels. Bwa, ha, ha. Rematch with Koopa the Quick.

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Super Mario 64′ s soundtrack comprises thirty-four music cues composed by veteran composer Koji Kondo. Lisää peliartikkeleita Videopelien teemasivulla. Special caps give him short-lived powers, including the ability to fly. A Bob-omb Buddy is hidden away in nearly all subsequent courses. Tox Box.

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A blue variant of the Yellow Coin, each worth five coins. Fire Super mario64. Walking, respawning bombs that pursue Mario after lighting themselves, but can be picked up and thrown. Mario Kart 8 DeluxeNS. A blue block that holds a Vanish Cap.

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An enormous snowman that can be climbed as if it were a mountain. Nintendo EAD. Nintendo GameCube Controller. Don’t rent. Princess Peach. Free Flying for 8 Red Coins.